Beard Necessities

There are 5 elements that comprise the world in traditional Chinese medicine, this product focuses on stimulating the wood element and invigorating the body’s Qi. The juniper and rosewood scent energizes and invigorates the senses to get the morning Qi going. Grape seed, witch hazel, and jojoba oil extracts help to stimulate hair growth and support hair conditioning. This will give your beard that healthy finish. Each product will deliver the same healthy hair results, but with a different hold strength and shine.

All Beard Necessity products are derived from premium quality, all natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Beard Oil

Strongest Scent, Brilliant Shine, No Hold

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Styling Salve

Strong Scent, Flat Shine, Light Hold

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Beard Balm

Strong Scent, Flat Shine, Sturdy Hold

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Beard Wax

Stronger Scent, Modest Shine, Burly Hold

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