First Aid Set


Boost your adventure “First Aid Kit” with ADOR’s First Aid Set, including Lavender Cloud & Trauma Liniment, key components to a proper kit.

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The acute inflammation is one of our bodies primary responses to stress and/or trauma. This inflammation can cause pain, limit mobility and reduce the flow of new blood & qi to the injured site. We have designed our trauma liniment for this scenario. Formulated to be immediately cooling, release inflammation and move new qi & blood, to help start the healing process.

 The Lavender Cloud is for quick application to acute and minor burns. (No open wounds!). Helps sunburns, wind burns, dry skin and scars.



Acute Trauma, Swelling, Bruising, Acute and Minor Burns (No Open Wounds), Sunburn, Wind Burn, Dry Skin and Scars



Small- 0.5oz Trauma Liniment, 12g Lavender Cloud Balm

Large- 2oz Trauma Liniment, 12g Lavender Cloud Balm



Lavender Cloud

Trauma Liniment

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Small, Large


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