Relieve & Restore Muscle Set


When it comes to muscles and muscle recovery, we see two main stages. First, relieve the immediate acute inflammation. Second, restore the healing of the damaged tissue.

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The acute inflammation is one of our bodies primary responses to stress and/or trauma. This inflammation can cause pain, limit mobility and reduce the flow of new blood & qi to the injured site. We have designed our trauma liniment for just this scenario. Formulated to be immediately cooling, release inflammation, and move new qi & blood, to help start the healing process.

 The BR&R muscle oil applies easily over large muscle bodies. In order to help restore muscle tissues, we need qi & blood flow. This product is great for moving qi & blood through the channels & meridians to restore muscle tissues.



Acute Muscle Pain, Inflammation, Swelling, Muscle Tissue Recovery



Small- 1oz BR&R Muscle Oil, 0.5oz Trauma Liniment

Large- 2oz BR&R Muscle Oil, 2oz Trauma Liniment




Trauma Liniment

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Small, Large


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